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Our dream Our journey together has just started to build the world's iconic luxury brand in mobility and lifestyle. And we can't wait to show you where we are heading to.
Something unique and progressive is on the horizon, as you would expect from the ethereal nature of a startup.

Hype prides itself on its long and revolutionary roadmap Hype was founded on 10 of April, 2017 in Bangalore, India by Raghav Belavadi & Vijaya Belavadi, a brother-sister duo from the city of Royal Palaces Mysore. Since then, Hype has played a consistently important role in the history of luxury travel culture and its market development. Last few years of activities have brought with it glorious achievements, both on the road, as well as on sea and air, which have helped forge the company’s character and personality. As sibling entrepreneurs, they will be writing history on the polygraphs of the luxury industry. It’s a next level realm and super excited to fire from all guns with an awesome team.

To the masters of driving, sailing or flying There cannot be a car driver in the world who hasn’t wondered what it must be like to push the rev counter into the red right up through the gears of a luxury car or to feel the rushing wind under your ears on the open ocean yachts or cutting through the air at 45,000 feet above the ground on our jets. The Hype Driving Experience answers all these questions and more through a series of professionally- led crew for those with a desire to discover the experience of the best in class fleet range in its natural environment: Land, Air, Water.

Global spread Hype is now a proud member of the international business community having its operations in India, UK, Dubai, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Italy, South of France and Maldives. Bringing all of the luxury mobility options under one roof in the most convenient and safest way possible. It is our endeavour to connect premium customers and partners with our luxury services and grow the community globally.

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