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‘It’s not the dream that’s the starting point. For many, it’s having the courage to dream.’

This is the story of 2 siblings, who dared to dream. Raghav and Vijaya Belavadi dreamt of being able to provide luxury to every Indian who desired to be different. They wanted everyday luxury to become a reality, and they knew that it would require a secret potion of the right technology, a dollop of will-power and the right amount of conviction

Headquartered in Bangalore, Hype was launched in 2016, with luxury car rental services in Bangalore. The idea was to break through the clutter of boxy cabs that had little of boast of, apart from shoddy cabs and questionable service. Raghav envisioned a company that would make it possible for every Indian to have the confidence that when they needed, they would have the luxury mobility they deserved. Raghav also wanted to make the entire process extremely convenient and so the website and mobile app were designed to facilitate a seamless customer experience.

Over time, Hype’s services expanded across Indian cities. The tremendous growth that Hype has witnessed over the years is only the finest form of encouragement. With the increased recognition and the rising demand for luxury mobility, the dream just keeps getting bigger. From luxury mobility on road, it expanded to luxury mobility across air and water, and from luxury mobility in India to luxury mobility at a global level, Hype continues to aim for the stars and deliver every single time.

Hype provides private jet rentals for those wish to fly in luxury and value safety and exclusivity over anything else. Our goal is to ensure a smooth, hassle-free flying experience that is every bit as wonderful as the destination.

Hype launched luxury yacht rental to make sure that celebrations in the sea remain as luxurious and as dreamy as you desire them to be. Hype’s yachts are available for small intimate gatherings as well as corporate celebrations. With Hype, you can leave any worries at the dock and bring your enthusiasm aboard.

Today, Raghav and Vijaya, along with their team still dream of giving you the luxury you deserve. They aim to make journeys safer and more comfortable for women, children, for the elderly. They work towards making your anniversaries and promotion parties the happiest days of your lives. They wish to be like that one person you turn to, a genie, who can make everything better, in just a moment.

We aim to be that genie in your lives and make your lives luxurious, memorable, and beautiful.

We love social media but hate filters. Here, the ‘hype’ is real.

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