Our Luxury Cars are presented in sparkling condition, deodorised inside and vacuumed upholstery. The car would carry Mineral Water bottles, Paper T issue boxes for the guest in Chauffeur Driven Category Drivers always present themselves in white colour Uniform and speak Hindi and English apart from local language Drivers will wait at the Arrival / Lobby with HYPE Placard with guest's name while receiving the guest in case of a Airport/Hotel pickup All cars are Legally registered to drive all over India and will carry Black Number Plate. We are available 24x7 to address any issues. In case of any breakdown of the car, replacement will be done free of cost and the earliest possible. The Car and driver will be at your disposal according to the given schedule Refund or Re-Invoicing will be made when the entire trip finishes and there are no complaints about the Car or damages All Refunds are completed within 24Hrs of completion of the trip. Your Bank may take up to 5-7 working days Given estimate includes all of the Car charges, Fuel charges, Tolls, Taxes, Allowances, Parking Fees, GST In case of any questions or complaints please reach out to us at contact@gohype.in or call us on +91-80-47096655. We are available 24x7 for you.


It is customer's responsibility to inspect the vehicle and report/record damages at the time of taking the delivery of the Car. Any complaints later on will not be entertained If you have opted for Delivery of the Car to your location please call +91-80-47096655 to coordinate Prices are calculated based on the destination discussed at the time of booking. Any changes need to be shared with us and it might impact the prices and other RTO regulations. Per day 150Kms is allowed and additional Kms are at extra cost Maximum speed allowed is 120Kms/Hr Over speeding may result in a penalty of Rs.1500 No Alcohol, Drinking or Smoking Allowed inside our Luxury Fleet. If not returned in a clean condition, cleaning charges will be Rs.1000 All local Taxes, Tolls, Parking Tickets, Traffic Violations are paid by the customer. Any serious traffic violations may attract a fine of Rs.2000 for jeopardising the public safety All Rides are Full Tank to Full Tank. Fuel at Actuals will be charged if not on return including a Rs.500 as an additional charge Any damages related expenses will be completely borne by the customer at the time of return. It will be either deducted from the deposit or will be billed after the trip Complete Address where the car will be parked (Street side parking is not allowed and will be detected by our GPS System and may attract penalties) Send your DL and Adhaar copies by email to us before the date of journey We charge small fee each way for Pick up and Delivery of the Cars. Please let us know in advance if you wish to avail. otherwise you will have to do by yourself at our nearest Garage Location


All Tolls, Taxes and Parking Fee are borne by the customer All distance and time are calculated from Garage to Garage Any damages to the vehicle either temporary or permanent, done by the customer will be fully reimbursed by the customer to the extent that the vehicle is fully back up in to operation Prices are calculated based on the destination discussed at the time of booking. Any changes need to be shared with us and it might impact the prices and other RTO regulations Influencing the driver to drive rash or abusing our chauffeurs in anyway is strictly prohibited. All complaints must be directed to HYPE at any point in time before, during or after the journey Adding more passengers than the legal limit is strictly not allowed and the vehicle will return in such cases without any refund our chauffeurs will have to full authority to deny boarding to customer in case of any alcohol, food and drink or any other potential hazards to the safety and features of the vehicle or journey. He may simply return to our office even without informing in such cases Carrying illegal Fire arms, ammunition, drugs or any other illegal activities is prohibited and the journey shall be continued and vehicle returns the moment it is found out Children below the age of 18 can't travel alone ad must be accompanied by an adult at all times Airport transfers are not part of the outstation/local trips. Please verify with us if you are planning Airport pickup/Drop off service. In case of any questions or complaints please reach out to us at contact@gohype.in or call us on +91-80-47096655.


We usually have a good mix of latest and previous generation cars in the fleet. We strive to send you the latest editions based on availability and can't guarantee new ones always. If you have specific requirements for certain models, plz call us and specify the requirement so that we can explore the serviceability. Safety of our vehicle, driver and passenger is utmost important to us. In case if we feel the contractual terms or safety standards are compromised for whatever reason, we may retrieve the car and driver unconditionally. Refunds are subject to further evaluation. In case of any communal riots, natural disaster or any other threats that our drivers encounter during the trip, we may call back the car without priori notice to the customer In case if the car is used for any illegal activities, the customer will be completely responsible for the entire issue including the compensation to us. Cars are issued to the person who contacts and sends details to HYPE. if at any point in time we found that the car is being driven by a different person or used for a different purpose, we can cancel the trip abruptly and recall the Car without any refunds. All calculations of Time and Distance are from Garage to garage for both With Chauffeur and Self Drive We reserve the right to refuse bookings or on-boarding of customer without any explanation as per our safety and security standards even if the booking has been received These T&C are constantly updated and the latest conditions are applied even if it is not available in the invoice at the time of booking. In Chauffeur driven cars, maximum driving duration is for 12Hrs and 300Kms only [whichever occurs first]. We reserve the right to stop the journey as it is not good for neither the Driver nor the car for prolonged journeys Our chauffeurs must be treated with respect, dignity and humility. Abusing them in any manner might lead to legal action against the customer Customer name used in the Booking invoice will finally be responsible for all T&C mentioned here in order to return the car in the condition given

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